StrikeUp’s 2021 Digital Conference for Women Entrepreneurs: An opportunity to learn and inspire – IT World Canada

Starting a business is a challenge at the best of times. Starting and scaling a business during a pandemic is enough to make even the most successful among us lock the door and walk away. Yet despite the unrelenting hurdles we have all faced, the success stories, the inspirational stories and the stories of challenges met and challenges surpassed, bring a whole new meaning to these determined and growth-minded female entrepreneurs.

And because women are at the forefront to lead, they have overcome hurdles and are making their mark on Canada’s economic recovery. Women entrepreneurs are displaying amazing examples of how creative thinking, quick pivoting and steadfast determination is paving the way to success.

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Rachel Bartholomew is the founder and CEO of HyIvy Health: Intelligent and Holistic Pelvic Rehabilitation for Women. Like most successful business ideas, HyIvy Health was borne from necessity and was specifically created as a medical device for women with pelvic-based cancers and diseases.

This personally-inspired business idea was not without its technical challenges. Rachel leveraged specialized expertise from Blackberry and Telus Health, persevered through complex software testing, launched a pilot study on ethicality and continues to build a community to navigate the stigma of pelvic health.

The team is currently pulling together resources for their product, which is not only a medical device but also hardware, software, and a mobile application. Staying focussed and surrounding oneself with equally compassionate

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