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Colorado is naturally primed for entrepreneurs. Not only is our governor, Jared Polis, the co-founder of successful seed accelerator Techstars, but the state’s capital of Denver is fast becoming recognized as a more affordable and greener alternative to Silicon Valley. Companies like Salesforce, Google, Facebook and, soon, Palantir all have offices there. But it’s not just the big players who have recognized Denver’s potential. 

The startup scene has long been blossoming, taking advantage of the city’s talent pool, resources, cost of living and quality of life. It’s no wonder Denver is in the top 25 startup ecosystems in the world according to Startup Genome, and the growth of nearby Boulder is seen as a model for startup communities in small cities. 

As one of the founders of the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerators (and a Colorado resident myself), I’m uniquely positioned to observe the competitive edge Denver has provided many of the entrepreneurs we work with. If you’re tantalized by the Mile High City’s startup landscape, here’s an insider’s guide to starting a new business in Denver.

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Why Denver? 

In 2019, startups in Denver received $931 million in venture capital investment and came in eighth on Bloomberg’s list of the United States’ most educated cities. The city has a large tech labor pool that accounts for 6.7 percent of the state’s overall workforce. You would be hard

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